March 18, 2014

flow with the flow


trench/ H&M
sweater/ T by Alexander Wang
leggings/ ZARA
beanie/ ASOS
lipstick/ M.A.C.
sneakers/ Nike

A wardrobe essential for every female (and possibly male, I would like this trend to transcend the gender barrier): 
an oversized silky number that fulfills the following criteria: 

a) leaves sufficient space to make the stuffing of anything edible into mouth less obvious
b) is a somewhat chic-ish color
c) flows around in the wind so as to make you feel like a supervillian

For the record, it's a necessity to state how cold it was. So cold that even my camera lens couldn't cope and produced pictures in a variety of different color temperatures, and so cold that my already wind-chapped ankles proceeded to bleed. 
Just for your (possible) stupid viewing pleasure. 

March 12, 2014

a soho second

IMG_2686 copy
jacket/ Vero Moda
silk blouse/ vintage
leggings/ American Apparel 
boots/ ZARA
scarf/ H&M Men
sunglasses/ ZeroUV

They say a New York minute is quick but a second in Soho, to be specific, is even quicker. This kind of ideal golden glow shows up and subsequently pisses off before you can say "wait, let me snap a couple of vain shots!" 
I'm only back for a bit to visit but boy have I missed this city.