June 30, 2011

Concrete Jungle

I never understood why New York is referred to as a concrete jungle considering there is SO MUCH green space. I could sit in Central Park all day and watch the world go by. But there is so much more this city has to offer: bright lights, so much style ... it boggles the mind. I love NY, definitely affirms that I belong in the cityscape.
p.s. these photos span a few seasons. I don't magically keep changing, although I wish I was that cool.

chilling (literally) on a rock & tunnel in Central Park 
boating on the lake
autumn & Imagine
farmer's market 
Battery Park 
Museum of National History 
boating on the lake, trying not to crash Titanic style 
onesies my future kids will have 
Empire State & Public Library
see the similarity?
living art 


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  4. Mela & Tanja-Mia, I noticed you girls are from Germany ... which parts? I go to Munich very often to visit my boyfriend, I love it there


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