June 29, 2011

Welcome to my Wardrobe

Here are some goodies I picked up at the local thrift store today. I love how cheap everything is, but not 'cheap' in a quality sense. I find all kinds of quality brands (Nine West,  Banana Republic, Steve Madden, I could go on) for a fraction of the price.
I'll do another post sometime on thrifty treasures for those of who have not yet crossed over to the thrift side ... but for now, check out these babies:

crochet crop top 
silk & lace top (looks large but it's a very well-cut fit) 
oversized glittery gold sweater 
mustard yellow blazer
lilac trench
Steve Madden stilettos


  1. i like your black shoes :D nice stuff

  2. Ooo so JEALOUS right now, every single piece is amazing! Gotta love blazers, sparkles & lace :)
    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  3. Where do you thrift from?

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Thanks for your comment, beautiful!