June 30, 2011

winter wunderland

I spent last Christmas and New Years in Germany and Austria, it was the best holiday season ever (and that's counting 2009, when we spent Christmas in Krabi). I visit Europe often to see my boyfriend, but had never been there in winter before. Even though I was freezing my butt off, it was so beautiful and I had an amazing time with lots of food, skiing and shopping. 
 on top of the world
raclette christmas dinner
good ol' bavarian beer
skating on the largest lake in Europe
favorite place in Munich
being partyschweines (party pigs... don't ask)
above the clouds
new year's dessert
downing some 'willys' 
romance after a long hike
thermal bath inside a large dome
sassy post-clubbing
circus krone
dock through the seasons


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!