July 11, 2011

big red

Forever 21 top 
DIY shorts
H&M blazer
H&M floral flats

The weather couldn't be more beautiful on my first day back. Right after Sebastian picked me up from the airport we went biking to the supermarket to pick up some healthy groceries - when I'm not around he subsists off bread and cheese, so I decided to fill the fridge with some of nature's goodness.
The shirt and the shorts are what I wore on the plane (+ big brown poncho, leopard pelt and booties), but for the ride I switched into a pair of floral flat sneakers and a blazer - riding a bike can get pretty chilly!
So on the way to the store we passed this massive strawberry, and I mean who wouldn't be all "How cool, I have to get a photo with this huge plastic fruit" ... okay, maybe just me. But it was pretty cool, farm on one side and neighborhood on the other. It's why I love Germany: perfectly modern, but with that traditional remnant always intact.


  1. so cute, loving that huge strawberry!


  2. Awesome blazer and the sneakers are my favorites!!


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!