July 24, 2011

it all ends

H&M ribbed jacket + tunic
satchel from eBay 
Nichii leggings
Vera Wang booties

Sebastian: Esprit jacket
H&M Man tshirt

First off, saw Harry Potter 7.2 last night. How sad is it that it's over now?! I wasn't the hugest fan, but come on; every person on the planet MUST mourn the end of the series. I'll be fine though, as long as I'm following Lord Voldemort  on Twitter. He may be dead, but he lives on through social interaction sites. 
In other news, I actually persuaded Sebastian to get this purple shirt from H&M Man, shock horror! Standing in the store, convincing him that it looks good and men can wear purple and it's not that bright anyway, I finally succeeded in my mission of expanding his clothes to include more than just blue. And blue. And more blue - you get my point? The €5 price tag also helped my case. 
Finally, this bag. It definitely takes the cake as my favorite and I like to tone down outfits to revolve around it. I found it while trolling eBay, which I often do for hours on end out of boredom/ shopping lust. It has no brand, it just comes from Korea (where the customer service is super) but I really couldn't care less. Brand names shouldn't affect your buying decisions: if you like it, just get it. 

p.s. The cafe with the pink umbrella/ pillows belongs to a chocolatier along Viktualienmarkt (which of course we bypassed for Starbucks, how generic) and the bubble-blowing wall is in a lounge next to the cinema at Karlsplatz-Stachus (which I don't recommend because it's too expensive and not crowded enough, the only amusing bit is this wall). 


  1. I love your bag & starbucks as well :) The purple shirt for Sebastian was a great choice, love it!

  2. Thanks for you entry into my giveaway! :)
    These photos are gorgeous - I love the electric blue of your bag and nails! <3



  3. I love the way you've matched your nail polish to your bag!

  4. Hun,

    This satchel is TDF! Would you mind sharing the ebay seller with us?



Thanks for your comment, beautiful!