July 30, 2011

it's like sunlight dripping

H&M necklace & poncho
Forever21 basic tshirt
Vera Wang booties

Same outfit base that I wore here in my very first outfit post  (cue horrible blurry photography) but with a slightly different color scheme + accessories. I believe that you can work the same clothes in many different ways, even if only with a few subtle changes.
It kind of frustrates me that all I have to show are these booties over and over and over again, but I didn't pack very many heels/ wedges. I have plenty of flats with me but recently I prefer to be elevated by my footwear - I hate it when my preferences change and there isn't much I can do about it. Expect spend more money ... hm, perhaps a shopping trip is in order. I smell sales!
In other news: went to Andechs, which is a monastery with its own brewery, hence its famed 1liter beers (known as a "mass"). We go there often because there's plenty of traditional Bavarian fare, as well as some amazing deserts - dampfnudel anyone?


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!