July 8, 2011

my life in a bag

Rainy and icky, the weather finally decided to force me to stay in my house and pack. And like a good doggy, I obeyed.
This is just a modest, neat presentation for you pretty people: it isn't even half my stuff. I still have a multitude of shoes/ bags/ random tiddly bits to stuff into this large suitcase and my carry on (which security hopefully won't scrutinize because it'll probably weigh more than I do, sneaky ninja packing skillz).
*TIP* To fit more into your suitcase, roll your clothes up instead of laying them flat. It makes everything more compact and gives you a lot more space. Unfortunately, it doesn't make anything weigh less :(

Any other helpful tips you guys have figured out?


  1. no if anything it was more expensive. most things are more expensive in canada then the states. but it was so worth it anyways.


  2. Hi Ashley, I don't really get what you mean - what was more expensive? :)

  3. When I want to take lots of things with me I roll up my clothes too :) But it's true the weight is the same...looks like you have some amazing items in that suitcase...love the shoes!!
    Have a great weekend!


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!