July 17, 2011

of bikes, boats and brezen

H&M shorts + tank + hat
Roxy bikini 

Yesterday was spent at a lake in a land faraway. All together we were on our bikes for about 6 hours ... needless to say, I can't really feel my butt right now. But it was worth it: the lake was so amazing and quiet and blue, I could keep spewing out adjectives. We got a peddle boat ("tredboot"), and tried to tan but to no avail; if you hadn't noticed, I'm already brown, and Sebastian just turns into a lobster.
Since we spent so much time being active, I opted for these SUPER comfy H&M shorts. When I say comfy, I seriously mean it: it feels like you're running around in ze nude! The hat was an item I scored yesterday just as the store was closing and the cashier was trying to shoo me out.

FYI: a brezen is a giant German pretzel. The one shown here is the smallest I've ever seen; normally they're as big as your head.


  1. What a nice photos!!:)

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  2. love the detail at the end of ur shorts, your blog is soo lovellyyy, i will be visiting it again very soon :)



  3. Amazing outfit and love your sneakers ;-)


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!