July 3, 2011

one week to wait

Next week this time I'll be getting ready to head to JFK for a direct flight to Munich. You wouldn't think I've lived there before by the way I act - I get super excited every time!
Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys for some help: we are planning to visit Florence & Rome sometime mid-August. I have a guide huge book about it all, but I want to also explore places that aren't the typical tourist attractions (like when we went to Venice and it was stuffed up with tourists in floral shorts + socks and sandals). Do you have any suggestions regarding places to stay/ eat/ see?

urban art 
Englischer Garten
beautiful fairytale church where the boyfriend's parents got married

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  1. I'm not much help, because while I've been to both Florence and Rome, we did mostly touristy things cos it was a tour and we had such limited time!! The best way to discover the less touristy spots is just to wander off the beaten track. You're never lost, you're just at the start of an adventure.


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!