July 26, 2011

salmon smudges

H&M blazer + net tank
Sears shorts

Just a quick post before I head out shopping & beer gardening (yes, I've made it a verb). It seems hot today but supposedly it's supposed to get cooler, hence the blazer. I'll do a post tomorrow about how to transition this blazer from a day out to a night on the town - stay tuned!

p.s. anyone know how to adjust a Photobooth photo to 800px? I do it manually with HTML for camera photos, and it's frustrating that this isn't complying. Gah.


  1. Such a cute outfit :) Love the blazer.

    Btw. I adjust my pictures on picnik.com :)

  2. i love this! i've been looking everywhere for a meshy net tank.. must go hunt at h&m now!!

    jewelry giveaway!


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!