July 18, 2011

socks that summon stares

Mandee blazer + earrings
H&M basic top 
Forever 21 skirt 
Sebastian's ski socks
Vera Wang booties
dollar store scarf
rings from Sebastian + eBay 

Okay seriously, do you see anything wrong with these socks? No? Nothing? Exactly. And yet the entire day I was getting weird stares from German passersby, looking at me like I was a psycho let loose from the zoo. I couldn't really care less, I'll wear what I like ... I'm just wondering WHAT is wrong with high socks?! It was cold, I had no pants, and came up with this solution - which, for the record, I think matched pretty well. 
What do you guys think? Are socks that creep up your legs too-prude schoolgirl or fashionista chic?

p.s. that massive scratch on my face in the 3rd photo was just something on the camera lens, I swear!


  1. I love your skirt & accessories very much! You look good with those socks, I think it always depends on how socks are styled & I like how you styled them :)
    Mundo de Alicia ❤

  2. that bright skirt really caught my eye! but i love it combined with your socks, they're really unexpected but go together really well!


  3. you're so cute. :) I love your earrings.


  4. OMG, I know every place where you have taken your pictures course I also live in Munich, this amazing town!! Great pics...:)
    Mela xx


  5. what a beautiful skirt! I love the color, the ring also is really pretty!

  6. I checked some of your outfits here and you are always pairing your clothes so well and using amaizng acessories!!! Loving you sense of style!



Thanks for your comment, beautiful!