July 2, 2011

spacial fantasies

I am dying for my own apartment right now. I know I have to get through college and actually get a job first, but a girl can dream! At least I'm going to stay with my boyfriend soon, I re-do his place whenever I vist hehe.
Currently inspired by a combination of minimalistic modern and Morrocan; I know that this is completely contradictory because one is clean and edgy and the other is bursting with color...but I would work it out.
I often look through Aimee's photos at Song of Style; she posts so many gorgeous spaces and decors, makes my brain melt into a blob of beautiful-home-goodness (p.s. her fashion sense is just as beautiful)
photos courtesy of Google 

What kind of design(s) would you feature in your dream home?


Thanks for your comment, beautiful!