July 28, 2011

welcome to my wardrobe {how i love h&m}

I love how H&M makes my wallet feel. Getting super cute things for super good prices gives me a rush (yes, I know I sound like some sort of addict).
However, the drawback is that everyone and their mother has the same item. I saw the red & gold statement necklace on 3 other girls today; this didn't stop me from buying it, but sometimes it sucks when what you haven't isn't special or unique. Eh, who am I kidding: it's all still special to me.


  1. Really GREAT purchases! Especially love the necklaces! ❤

  2. It doesn't matter how many people have it! It's still special and it's all about how you style it. And thanks so much for tweeting about my post!

  3. I've been meaning to ask... what is H&M? We don't have it in New Zealand. But I know what you mean about buying from a shop where the clothes are stylish and cheap, yet everyone else has them... our shop like that in NZ is called Glassons. I try to avoid shopping there, unless it's something spectacular. :P

  4. H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is a Swedish clothing brand that "specializes in fast-fashion clothing for women, men and children". It's really affordable but the styles are so current and it's really getting popular in the fashion sphere, especially with their campaigns like H&M Against Aids. I love it, it's probably my favorite brand (even if everyone else loves it too)

  5. hehehe H&M is my love :) i bought that wooden/red bib necklace too! love it so much, perfect statement piece on a white shirt. and i bought those leggings too (in black).. AREN'T THE SUEDY-PATCH PARTS SOOOO SOFT? i can touch it for hours lololol yay for us having the same taste :)


  6. Love love love the necklace!!
    Great blog! Now following on bloglovin.. I'm your 1st follower! Hope you can also return the favor, if my blog inspires you as well :)




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