July 17, 2011

who wore it better?

Good morning beautifuls! I'm heading out to the city later to do some shopping - not JUST for fun mind you, I need to get some warmer attire because it seems the European weather isn't cooperating with the clothes in my suitcase.
Anyway, I've been looking out for shirts with cut-out shoulders, especially of the denim variety. I was doing some research (sounds so formal, it really wasn't) and came across Chiara of The Blonde Salad and Natalie of Natalie Off Duty, who both sported this piece a while back. The shirts are of different brands and colors, but they both fit the bill for me.
The Blonde Salad

Natalie Off Duty
I really can't choose who did it better. I like aspects of both of these outifts; oh, the decisions. I would take Natalie's pants + shirt color and pair them with Chiara's belt and bag + studded collar.

What do you guys think? Who wore it better?


  1. Agreed, they're both gorgeous in it.

    With lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    Come see why I 'wear the pants'

  2. haha great decision!
    I would say I like Chiaras outfit more.. I like the colour and all the details of her shirt more, they make it special!




Thanks for your comment, beautiful!