December 16, 2011

{giveaway} have yourself a merry little mango

Ladies and gentlebugs, I am proud to present my first giveaway! I felt the holiday season would be the perfect time to do it. Plus, I'm sexier than Santa Claus... obviously (?)
The winner will receive this brand new MNG by MANGO bowler bag. It will arrive at your doorstep, all dressed up in a shiny gold box - how exciting!

To enter:
Step 1/ Follow me on Twitter 
Step 2/ Follow me on Bloglovin'
Step 3/ Leave a comment below telling me what you're doing for the holidays
Step 4/ Look in the mirror and smile, because you're be-YOU-tiful

This giveaway is open to you, yes YOU, wherever in the world you are. 
The winner (chosen by will be announced via Twitter on December 31st. 


  1. I followed on Twitter (@SignedOut)and Bloglovin. And for the holidays I am just going to stay at home and enjoy my time with the family! Now I'm off to go smile at myself in the mirror. Haha.

    Michelle Y

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  3. I followed you on twitter! @chelseameh and bloglovin. Actually, I've been without a home for the past 4 months due to this move, been staying in hotels. Its quite depressing right now actually, because I LOVE Christmas, and I'm disappointed I don't have the chance to decorate or celebrate it. I have to put it off for a while due to low funds and not having a home. I decided to make the best of it though! since I don't have a place to stay, I'm driving to SOCal for a week. When you don't have a home, anywhere can be your home! I am in LOVE with this purse btw, it sure would make me smile! I especially adore the zippers on the sides, the gold hardware, and the fact it can go with anything. Thank you SO much for doing this giveaway, you are beautiful!

  4. Wow! It's beautiful!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  5. Followed on twitter (@GAGEwing) and bloglovin' (Chieeru(LeAnne San)

    Hmmm this christmas I will be spending time with my cousins who are always busy, so this is the one of the very few times we will spend together. I'll be making a jellocake which everyone in the family loves!~ Then the next day I'm going to spend quality time with the bf <3

    Also, thank you so much for hosting the giveaway! You're so generous :D

  6. i already followed you on twitter(cj_siege) and bloglovin. made an acct at bloglovin to follow you :p I'd be spending my christmas with my family. We always get together on christmas eve and wait for midnight to open the gifts :D Thank you for doing this giveaway. you are awesome!

  7. so cute!

  8. I followed you on twitter: whojulie and on bloglovin': iuliagaurean. I'll leave my email here:

    Well, for holidays I'll stay home. Probably we'll have some relatives over but I'm looking forward to staying with my friends too!

  9. wow, very nice bag : )
    I´m planning a big Christmas cleaning today and I want to decorate my room today with Christmas tree and all those small angels : )
    Can´t wait until Christmas!

    have an amazing Christmas time!: )

  10. Amazing giveaway! I followed you on Twitter @silvertigo (how come I didn't do it before? Silly me.), have followed you in Bloglovin for ages ;)

    I'm working through the time before Christmas - wanna get money for a trip to USA for me and the fiancé, so I don't mind the 12-hour shifts. I hope I manage to get some family time too :) xoxo

  11. beautiful bag!
    Such a shame i don't have twitter...

  12. Hi, nice giveaway, thanks
    Following you on twitter @powliney and bloglovin
    During Chrismast Holidays, I've to study for my final exams. It really sucks... But I'll also enjoy a good meal shared with my family at home, as every year.
    See you!

  13. Wow, that's an amazing bag! Would be such a merry Christmas to win it :)

    1. Followed on Twitter as 'ellevoxblog'
    2. Followed on Bloglovin
    3. I don't have much planned for the holidays as I don't really celebrate Christmas, but a couple of friends are coming over from Norway and Canada and it'll definitely be fun seeing them. Of course the best part is decorating the treee! :D

    hey.lubna @

  14. Hi! I love your blog ... ;*

    Nadine ;*

  15. I try ;)
    Follow U on twitter as Pinkpepper83
    follow u on BL as Ilaria Molinari

    for holydays, I think I'll stay at home, too tired to organize somethin' special... :)

  16. I'm going to relax as much as I can and stay with my family and friends, even though I have to study for 2 exams :/

    Twitter: @frangiveaway
    Bloglovin & email: francivusk at hotmail dot it


  17. Followed you on Twitter (@RDrimas) and Bloglovin. XD
    For Christmas, our family's gonna go to the beach on a tropical country!!
    I really like the bag, btw...

  18. Oh myy, pure love! I followed you on twitter and bloglovin, and as for the holidays, my only plan will be to read for the driver's license. Yeah, doesn't sound that much fun, but it's neccessary..

  19. Ooooh super cute bag!! Happy Holidays <33


    - teeney

  20. Naina! I thought I was already following you on Twitter... but apparently I wasn't! So weird!!! Anyway, I am now, and bloglovin thingy... :) As for my holidays, I work in retail, so working right up til the 23rd, and then 24th/25th is just at home BBQing and chillaxing with the family in the sun (God bless southern hemisphere Xmases) and back into it on Boxing day (26th) which is like Black Friday... insane. :) New Years, working as well. Living the dream :/ Lol Merry Xmas Naina x

  21. Awesome bag! Sadly, I don't have a Twitter, but I'm now following you on Bloglovin'. I'm a full-time college student, so I'll be working this holiday season & just trying to relax while I can. Happy Holidays to you & yours!

    - Jordan

  22. ooh la la, what a pretty bag :)

    already follow on twitter & bloglovin... as for holidays.. a lot of sleep and food? :D


  23. Love your blog!

    For the holidays I'm escaping the warm south Florida weather and heading to WV.


  24. LOOOVE this bag! :)))
    Btw, thanks for your comment.

  25. What a lovely bag, you're amazing for doing such a great giveaway!

    Louisa xx

  26. wow, this bag is pretty! i agree with louisa mack, this giveaway is so cool you're amazing!



  27. In the holidays i will relax myself and pass time with my family :)

  28. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Of course I will support you and enter your giveaway ;)

    1. I followed you on Twitter
    2. I followed you on Bloglovin'
    3. Leaving a comment to tell you I will spend the holidays building gingerbread with my kids ;)
    4. I have looked in the mirror and smile =) You are beautiful too!

    Wish me luck! Hope you will enter my Allison Izu giveaway too!

  29. Lovely blog! Loving all your clothes and especially the coat! looks so warm and snuggly!!!
    Now im loving this MNG bag!♥
    Already following your twitter and blog :)
    And im in Paris for Xmas and New Year (away from home,Msia) but so glad to be in Paris living it here and experiencing how they celebrate here with the bf and his family :)
    N i hope u have a great Xmas n NY here in Europe too! :))

  30. i'm spending time with family these holidays. love your blog!!

    follow each other?


    check out my over $100+ estee lauder product giveaway!

  31. So, so stunning! I'm following you on bloglovin' (Excited! You're my very first blog I'm following there!) and on twitter as xsarry777x

    And all I need at Christmas time is spending time with my family.


  32. i'm spending the time with the whole family at my mom's hometown


  33. Thank you for this giveaway!
    I'm going to spend this holidays just chilling with my friends and family (and at the same time trying to prepare for exams =((
    Lots of love from Russia!<3

  34. I'm spending my holiday in my sweet Italy, I spend time with my family, boyfriend and friends. A moment of relax!

  35. Lovely giveaway!
    I'm spending the holidays just resting & relaxing coz i'm so tired after the exams & all!
    (ps:love you style! very cool blog)

  36. hi there Naina! Splendid! It's so generous of you to host that giveaway. Loving that bag!!!!
    I've followed you on twitter (@jUw4) and bloglovin'! :)
    Well, I think I'll be working for the holidays to earn some cash which I would use it to get my needs of fashion and travel. It's called self-pampering :D
    Yeah it's time for mirror, mirror on the wall now.

    Much love to you all the way from M'sia! x0x0

  37. DONE! Such an amazing giveaway!
    I'm just enjoying my free time with my friends and family. And OBVIOUSLY check out your blog everyday as I always do.
    Kisses from Madrid
    Irene Fernández

  38. I'll spend the hollydays with my family, also I'll go skating with my friens:) thank you for the giveaway! :)

  39. Follow twitter and Bloglovin!

    I'll be enjoying this christmas holiday....
    This is the first year we are spending christmas together.
    we'll be travelling to visit some famous historical sites and a nice evening river boat rides at that site too.

    Hope you'll enjoy your holiday too!

  40. Hi! My name is Faithe and I am a VERY BIG FAN of your STYLE!!:) I took all your specific steps so I hope I win! This year I'm keeping it simple and spending the holidays with my family. That bag would be SUCH A nice gift to myself!:) I hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!!:)

  41. Gorgeous bag!

    I follow you on twitter as writersxxblock.

    I follow on bloglovin (

    I'm spending the holidays as a I always do, with my family! We all go to my grandparents' house for a gift exchange and a big dinner we all eat too much of :)

    And I followed step 4 as well :)

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  43. OMG, I love the bag *.*

    My christmas day will be spend with my family at home. The rest of holiday I'm gonna work with my grandfather in camp.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. Amazing bag. :) I done everythig. :)
    What am I doing for the holidays? Hm, just spending time with friends, family, read a book and waiting for the snow to fall. :)
    my e-mail:

  46. ı love mango bag :) ı havent twitter account but ı 'm following on bloglovin and what ı'm doing for holidays? ı will go to ANTALYA with my boyfriend (holidays) <3 :)

    thanks for step 4 :))

    e-mail :

  47. thanks for the giveaway, MNG is my favorite brand
    i followed you on twitter (@klee_1207) and on bloglovin
    im spending the holidays with my family.

    Kabrina L

  48. I have follow you on Twitter (vagabrio) & bloglovin'. This holiday I'm planning to do a Malls-Hopping, going from one mall to another, to take pictures of their Christmas's & holiday's decorations then post them all online so everyone else can enjoy those too. It's time to spread joy anyway. XD Since I'm happy, I smile. Here's hoping you're also smiling. :D

    email: pinkunina (at) hotmail (dot) com

  49. I followed you on Twitter, BlogLovin' and for the holidays I am going to DC to spend with my family. I can't wait to see the fireworks in DC for New Year's!

    I really want this bag!! fingers crossed :)


    Have a great Christmas!!

  50. In holidays I often eat and watched TV with my family :) i very like it. Tomorrow i go to my boyfriend and i spend a lot of time with him and his family :) I am so happy, because i never yet spend christmas with him :)

  51. this is a lovely give away to make someone really happpy....hope the right person wins x x x

  52. Hi sweetie, how are you? Did you have a wonderful Xmas weekend? Your comments always make my day Naina, really thank you :) What a wonderful way to end 2011, a great giveaway :) I lovvve that you included step 4 in this giveaway :) Since my family lives in Spain & I live in Belgium I'm spending the holidays with lots of friends & my boy :) I'm in for the giveaway :)

    Lots of love


  53. I would join, but there is no chance for me :) haha cause I am from stupid Slovakia
    anyway nice giveaway :)

  54. Everything done...and smiled! :D

    Valentina Zeuli

  55. Love the bag and I've done all the following :)
    I'm taking a class over break and just generally bumming around with the family
    Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

  56. im working the holiday off. poor me.
    anyway i've done the followings and i hope everyone's having a good holiday.

  57. On holidays im with my family :)

  58. WOW so amazing :)
    for the holidays I go to Barcellona 5 days :):):)
    fb:il mercatino di bea

  59. Hi!
    Well, I don't usually have Christmas celebration in my hose (too much work for too little people). But this year I had this Christmas dinner in gypsy style, and it was pretty exciting. And on the second day of Christmas me and my friend were celebrating this during drinking Cosmopolitans or Mojitos : )

  60. I'm making a gingerbread house for the first time in my life, cooking and doing a big family gathering =)

    Twitter: frostyfairycake
    bloglovin: oohladybegood

  61. Hii!!
    I'm going to the beach with my friends and I will do so much photos because I love photos and I think this bag is so beautiful for do some photos :)
    Twitter: @Saramenicucci
    Blog: Saramenicuccilion or the stars in the sky

  62. I will spending time with my family, who I don't get to see for months at a time because I go to school so far away from home. I also will be volunteering somewhere to give back to my community; because they are a lot of less fortunate people around the holidays :)
    Twitter: SoTaylored

  63. okay then :)
    i will join haha :D ( no chance)

    my blog :
    bloglovin - followed
    twitter - followed
    hey mirror, I'm beautiful!

    Well, I will try to spend as much time as I can by taking photos, tomorrow I am going out with friends, dance a lot,sing a loud, party hard and live for 100% :)

  64. followed you on twitter, (thedesertfoxxx) and since i don't use bloglovin, i just added you to my 'fav foxes' side bar instead.

    for the holidays i went on a little roadtrip with my family.

    number four makes me smile, you are kind hearted!


  65. Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog!! The bag is soooo amazing so I want to participate ;)
    I'm following you (@eLiBlogger) but I don't use blogloving so I could'nt follow in that way.

    For the holiday I've been with my family and shopping a lot because in 3 days I'm leaving to Germany for 4 months!



  66. I'm spending time with my family on the beach andddd I'm packing because I'm moving to England on January!

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Thanks for your comment, beautiful!