July 30, 2011

malaga becher bitte

everything H&M 

I've discovered a newfound love for Malaga flavored ice cream, which I only recently found out is the German version of Rum and Raisin. I would say I could eat it all day, but that would be a lie - unfortunately, I can only get down two scoops ("kugeln" if we wanna keep with the German theme). How pathetic, eh?

it's like sunlight dripping

H&M necklace & poncho
Forever21 basic tshirt
Vera Wang booties

Same outfit base that I wore here in my very first outfit post  (cue horrible blurry photography) but with a slightly different color scheme + accessories. I believe that you can work the same clothes in many different ways, even if only with a few subtle changes.
It kind of frustrates me that all I have to show are these booties over and over and over again, but I didn't pack very many heels/ wedges. I have plenty of flats with me but recently I prefer to be elevated by my footwear - I hate it when my preferences change and there isn't much I can do about it. Expect spend more money ... hm, perhaps a shopping trip is in order. I smell sales!
In other news: went to Andechs, which is a monastery with its own brewery, hence its famed 1liter beers (known as a "mass"). We go there often because there's plenty of traditional Bavarian fare, as well as some amazing deserts - dampfnudel anyone?

July 29, 2011

friday fashionspiration {hooves}

photos from tumblr 

It's that time of week again, and this time I was lusting after thick, heavy heels and wedges. There's just something about them that makes your legs look longer (akin to a horse?) and just elongates your whole body. Not to mention they can completely make or break an outfit with their bold power.

p.s. it's really odd but any photos that I save off my Tumblr dashboard can't be resized big enough. I mean okay, they probably can; I'm just not genius enough to figure out how. Either way, FF photos will usually be slightly smaller than my personally captured ones - no hard feelings, k?!

July 28, 2011

welcome to my wardrobe {how i love h&m}

I love how H&M makes my wallet feel. Getting super cute things for super good prices gives me a rush (yes, I know I sound like some sort of addict).
However, the drawback is that everyone and their mother has the same item. I saw the red & gold statement necklace on 3 other girls today; this didn't stop me from buying it, but sometimes it sucks when what you haven't isn't special or unique. Eh, who am I kidding: it's all still special to me.

July 27, 2011

minty fresh for thirsty tuesday

Topshop one shoulder body con dress
H&M ribbed jacket
Sears heels 
clutch from Penang
necklace from NYC street stall 

Yes I know it's actually Thirsty Thursday, but any day can be thirsty if there are thirst quenchers present! (jeez 'thirst' is a weird word).
Felt fresh and fierce, as you can see by my seemingly pissed off expression. No idea why I always have it plastered on my face, perhaps I'm trying to channel Tyra Banks ... I just don't know. Either way, it worked well fending off creepy old guys at Barschwein, which is supposed to be a student bar (at Muenchner Freiheit U-Bahn stop, in case you're in the area).

oh and last photo = big butt cheek alert, dum diddly dum dum!

July 26, 2011

salmon smudges: out & about

H&M blazer
Forever21 basic tshirt
Sears shorts
eBay bag
Vera Wang booties

Here are some full outfit photos + other random shots for your viewing pleasure. I initially planned this outfit with a different top (bear witness here)  but thought it would get windy and cold and changed into something without a slew of holes. Yet the weather god decided to make it super sunny and warm, making me regret this decision. Story of my life.
Also, I know I'm abusing these booties and wearing them with everything under the sun. Sorry if you're getting sick of them, they're just so amazing/ comfy/ versatile/ all of the above.

p.s. I'm gonna show you how to wear this blazer for a night out, come back tomorrow for the scoop!

salmon smudges

H&M blazer + net tank
Sears shorts

Just a quick post before I head out shopping & beer gardening (yes, I've made it a verb). It seems hot today but supposedly it's supposed to get cooler, hence the blazer. I'll do a post tomorrow about how to transition this blazer from a day out to a night on the town - stay tuned!

p.s. anyone know how to adjust a Photobooth photo to 800px? I do it manually with HTML for camera photos, and it's frustrating that this isn't complying. Gah.

July 25, 2011

silver lining

Forever21 basic tshirt
Esprit shorts
Vincci flats
necklace from NYC street stall
clutch from Penang
eBay ring

Figured I'd focus on the detail shots considering the lack of a full outfit photo. The weather and lighting were just weren't ideal - of course this isn't an excuse, but seriously. It sucked. However, there's always a silver lining ... no, not to every cloud you sillies: my accessories!
Hit up Dream Bowl Palace, the largest bowling alley in Europe. If you're in the Munich area I seriously suggest you likewise hit it up (being gangster there, how cool am I). At night it's darkish and the balls are neon and fluorescent. Simply put, it's freaking awesome. 

July 24, 2011

it all ends

H&M ribbed jacket + tunic
satchel from eBay 
Nichii leggings
Vera Wang booties

Sebastian: Esprit jacket
H&M Man tshirt

First off, saw Harry Potter 7.2 last night. How sad is it that it's over now?! I wasn't the hugest fan, but come on; every person on the planet MUST mourn the end of the series. I'll be fine though, as long as I'm following Lord Voldemort  on Twitter. He may be dead, but he lives on through social interaction sites. 
In other news, I actually persuaded Sebastian to get this purple shirt from H&M Man, shock horror! Standing in the store, convincing him that it looks good and men can wear purple and it's not that bright anyway, I finally succeeded in my mission of expanding his clothes to include more than just blue. And blue. And more blue - you get my point? The €5 price tag also helped my case. 
Finally, this bag. It definitely takes the cake as my favorite and I like to tone down outfits to revolve around it. I found it while trolling eBay, which I often do for hours on end out of boredom/ shopping lust. It has no brand, it just comes from Korea (where the customer service is super) but I really couldn't care less. Brand names shouldn't affect your buying decisions: if you like it, just get it. 

p.s. The cafe with the pink umbrella/ pillows belongs to a chocolatier along Viktualienmarkt (which of course we bypassed for Starbucks, how generic) and the bubble-blowing wall is in a lounge next to the cinema at Karlsplatz-Stachus (which I don't recommend because it's too expensive and not crowded enough, the only amusing bit is this wall).