September 27, 2011

with pockets full of sunshine

Forever 21 shorts with zipper details 
H&M sheer blouse + netted tank 

To tuck in or not to tuck in, that is the question. A prime example of my fickle nature. I look semi-retarded and clueless as to what I want to do with my outfit, but I thought I'd show you guys that I am also just a silly crazy human. I'm so crazy/ obsessive that I always pick out my clothes the night before; early mornings just don't provide enough time!
Oh, and if you're still pondering over the eternal question (the fashionable version of Shakespeare's musings, how clever)... I've concluded that tucked in looks better.
What do you think?

September 22, 2011

oh na na, what's my age

H&M blazer + shorts 
WalMart boots + top 
Forever 21 bag

My house knows how old I am, how clever is it?! ... I'll have to move across the street when I turn 21 though. That'll be awkward. 
Next on the agenda, releasing into the blogosphere the fact that I do indeed get stuff from WalMart. The most classy? Probably not. The most affordable? Heck to the yes. And I've gotten enough compliments on my go-to fall boots that I'm no longer ashamed to admit they didn't cost more than my Macbook (as some shoes do). 
I mean seriously, so what if it's not designer? If it looks good, just rock it. Style goes beyond what's offered on the runway. 

September 19, 2011

just to break my fall

H&M hat 
dollar store scarf

*uh oh, cuddle up kids: story time* I was in the H&M by Bryant Park and, being a Friday night, it was super crowded and mirrors were a rare commodity. So I'm standing there and there's this girl trying on the CUTEST maroon beanie and I told her she had to get it. She told me she didn't normally buy things in that color. I told her how I was vying between this plum color and a normal tan one that would match with everything. She told me to get this one because, well, why not. I agreed, as long as she promised to get the maroon beanie. She did. The end. 
All is well with the world. Until I walk out of my house with a scarf that I purchased for $1! Nobody can believe it when I tell them, but what can I say: I'm a super bargainista. *theme music while I wear my underwear over my clothes* 
IN OTHER NEWS: I have opened up a SHOP. I need some moolah to buy a proper DSLR, and I've decided to try and raise it myself. I'm sure you other beautiful bloggers understand ... so help a sister out and buy her clothes! 

September 15, 2011

neutral in nature

Daisy Fuentes blazer 
Lauren Conrad skinny jeans
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag 
Vera Wang booties

photos by my mom

This beautiful gazebo is on the lake in my town, and I love it because it's such a peaceful place. There's also a playground right next to it, so I can swing like a 5 year old when I get sick of being so mature and fashiony (new adjective! hoorah!).
I'd also like to shout out to my wonderful mother, who is patient with me and let's me pose all I want. And who makes an effort to learn how to work the camera when my 'photographer' (aka Sebastian) isn't around. And who feeds my bag addiction. Good stuff.

September 13, 2011

fashion runs free

FNO begins/ cool collars/ neon trend/ @MiamiPipNYC/ Acne/ by Estee Lauder/ Tiffany & Co = Love
cute car with eyelashes/ leather and net/ H&M/ gawjusss shoes/ matching elbow pads/ red details
LV/ Dress Like Yulia/ amazing ceiling/ wearing BCBG Generation/  designed by Ashley4Emergy
Tommy Hilfiger/ wearing F21/ beautiful Tessa/ hottie hot hottie!

Overload of photos from FNO, proving the utter hotbed of fashion that NYC is. 
Oh and before I forget: I want to thank all you beautiful people who visit my blog. Your comments really make my day, love you all! <3

September 9, 2011

repetitive poses at fno

H&M tunic + necklace
Forever21 skirt
Sears heels
Pimkie bracelet
bag from eBay 

Photos courtesy of The Tiny TieRant

What I wore to Fashion's Night Out! New York was absolutely bustling and 5th Ave was akin to an animal zoo in some areas ... but it was magnificent. Spent time in Louis Vuitton, Saks and H&M (of course), where there were so many beautifully dressed people. I'll share some of the streetstyle/ event photos in a few days, need to sift through them all on top of the mountain of coursework that's piling up!