October 28, 2011


Forever 21 headband + skirt + heels
thrifted sweater
Old Navy necklace

I'm not one to adorn myself in copious amounts of bling, but I made an exception. Life (and blogging) are about trying new things, so why not. 
This sweater is super comfy, I've just been living in warm cosy things. What else can you expect as the weather gets colder. But I draw the line at sweatshirts - there are just some items of clothing that are meant to stay within the confines of home. 
So if you ever see me leaving my house in a sweatshirt, I give you the right to slap me and knock some sense into me.

p.s. I'm currently sending out resumes for magazine internships. Cross your fingers for me! 

October 23, 2011

take-with-me blankie

H&M oversized sweater
Target jeans
thrifted booties

Times are busy, college is really starting to kick my butt. But of course, I still have the time to take vain self-indulgent photos in my favorite pieces of the moment!
When I wear this sweater I feel like I'm pulling along a piece of my bed with me. It's so soft and cosy, perfect for those days when you don't even feel like leaving your house. Ever. But alas, life goes on... and when it does, it's pretty convenient to have a mobile blanket to wrap yourself up in.

October 18, 2011

sunday morning leaves are falling

H&M ribbed jacket 
scarf from Canal St. 
Target track pants & orange t-shirt
Vera Wang booties

I love the rush and bustle of city life, and I'm definitely a city girl. Most of the time, I prefer being in New York than in my native New Jersey (thank god they're next to each other). 
But on those beautiful, quiet autumn days, I'm grateful that I live in a little middle-of-nowhere town. The water is lovely, the colors of the leaves take your breath away, and there's a peace that you can't find in many other places. Then again, Central Park comes pretty close ;) 
Oh and my pants are not meant to be any kind of harem-style contraption. They're just regular super comfy track pants that I tucked into my booties in an attempt to look cool. Success? Failure? Let me know ;) 

October 14, 2011

x-ray flora

Forever 21 floral maxi dress
thrifted booties

Although it's mid-October, the weather has still not chilled out yet. This gives me the chance to pull pieces out of my closet that I've barely worn and try to make use of them - I got this dress last year and I've only worn it once (twice, now). 
Running this blog has pushed me to try new things and experiment with the clothes I already own. Partly because I obviously can't shoot the same outfit 3 or 4 times; you guys would ditch me because I'm a boring old bore. But also because I get so much inspiration from all of you! *three cheers for all of us!* 

October 11, 2011

punkin' around

Voila: a video I did for an Arts, Culture & Media class. We were supposed to depict the influence of punk culture in some aspect of life today - I, of course, chose fashion. In particular, the complete disparity between the original intent of the punk lifestyle and the commercialism it has been subjected to today. 
I also took some photos while I was wandering through the East Village. Hope ya like all the amusing scenes that New York has to offer. 

p.s. Kindly ignore my annoying squirrel voice, I'm sure it doesn't sound like that in real life (or does it?!)
p.s.s. These were shot the same day as my previous post, hence the repetitive outfit. Excusez moi.

October 5, 2011

south st. seaport

Forever 21 coat 
vintage print sweater + scarf 
H&M sheer black blouse
bag from eBay 

Super windy day in lower Manhattan, definitely spruced up the colorless skies with this wild vintage sweater that belongs in my mom's closet ... and that I obviously transferred into mine. Can you blame me? Who could resist something so wonderfully bright and colorful? Sebastian tells me I look like a grandma in it, but do I care? You guessed right: no way, jose

Oh yeah, I tossed that last photo into the mix because I felt that it perfectly reflects the way normal human beings feel about fashion bloggers. Namely "Why are you standing there having someone take photos of you posing like such a wannabe? Why are you so vain?" I've gotten so many strange stares from passers-by, but once again, do I care? No way, jose

p.s. In a while I'll be sharing the video + photos I shot of punk culture in New York. Get excited people - there are a lot of studs, boots and crazy hair colors. 

October 1, 2011


thrifted Hollister jean crop 
Pimkie dress (maxi but I didn't like it that way)
H&M necklace + heels
DIY pouch

I swear I wasn't stalking the neighborhood for walls that matched my bag. It was pure and utter coincidence that it seems like I stripped a mini-version of these painted bricks onto my pouch.  
In fact, this is a thrifted pouch that was plain off-white snake skin-ish material, and I thought it to be rather boring. I dug through my arts & crafts drawer, came up with some paint, and went to work. It just goes to show: everything has potential, you just gotta give it the chance.