January 31, 2012

as stars drip from your fingertips

H&M jacket + sweather + jeggings + booties
MNG by MANGO bowler bag 

These were taken a few weeks ago on my last day in Munich, which we spent meandering around the city with no purpose; it was perfect. Hot chai lattes, people watching and walking endlessly while holding hands always equals a good time. 
I obviously had to wear something comfortable, hence these flat boots that I had bought the day before. I love how they reflect such simplicity yet have a little flair a la gold embellishments, so as to not make me feel like a complete hobo when walking through expensive German department stores. Eh, who are we kidding; I'm a total hobo at heart

January 24, 2012

midnight makes ya crazy

H&M jacket + blouse + cuff + clutch + necklace + booties
Zara skinny jeans 

Looking back through my blog posts, I noticed that I barely ever smile. I'm normally giving you the 'check it, I'm trying to be mega chic' death stare, and for this I apologize. So to make up for my lack of internet affection, in this post I give you some photos that would have normally been bloopers. Crazy smiles/ laughs/ trip-overs that were spontaneous and candid. But of course, with the ever-essential mega chic death stares still tossed in. 

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p.s.s. Don't you just hate it when people say tweeps?!

January 19, 2012

slithering shimmer

everything H&M 

I love matching things up. I'm not one to wear shoes that are of a completely different pattern from my bag. So when I found the identical pattern on both the heels and the clutch, I died a little inside. Seriously, picture me running around the store squealing "They match! They match!" ... I'm a freak like that. 

p.s. the next couple of outfits will be leftovers from Munich. We shot quite a few photos that I didn't have time to post - they'll be coming out gradually as I cope with the stress of my last semester + internship (as you'll know if you follow me on Twitter.) 

January 15, 2012

tap dancing tea party

thrifted coat + lace blouse
MNG by MANGO jeans + bag 
H&M oxford flats + hat 

Just landed back in the U.S.; it's so weird that I can wake up in Munich and be on another continent by the end of the day. I'm sad because I won't see Sebastian until May, but at least this semester will be busy, exciting and full of opportunities. 
So about this crazy wacky style: I found this hat literally 2 hours before these photos were taken, and I fell in love with it. It's one of those impractical pieces that you know you'll never wear, but still have to have. Ah, the woes of being a spontaneous shopaholic. 
I also went for the whole male/ female balance here: the delicacy of the lace, lipstick and tulle combined with a little top hat and very business-esque shoes. What do you think - is it better to stick to one gender-style, or mix it up?

January 12, 2012

triple lapel

everything H&M
aviators via eBay

Normally you have two lapels per outfit. But alas, it's always more fun to be abnormal, so I have six! Do I get some kind of award now? I know that the envelope clutch is not the conventional jacket lapel... but it's shiny metallic-ness makes it so cool that it can be defined as anything in my books.
As for the blazer, love the Helmut Lang-esque feel of it (which I got hooked on after seeing all the ways Kelly styled it). Love the cropped back and the flowy front; an ideal balance.  

January 10, 2012

neon silk sophisticate

H&M silk trousers + blouse + necklace + ring
thrifted fur jacket 
MNG by MANGO bowler bag
Steve Madden pumps

Here I am, on a mission to burn your retinas with my brighter than life pants. I saw them on the rack (on sale!) and thought to myself, "Damn, these are so bright, who would ever buy them." And then I bought them. 
Paired with items found in the higher ranges of the status quo (fur? 'look at me' lips?), I found this to be suitable attire in which I could wander around Munich's Museum of Modern Art, pretending to be a fancy schmancy art snob