February 9, 2014

swag for days


coat/ thrifted 
t/shirt/ ASOS
leggings/ AmericanApparel
scarf/ H&M Men
backpack/ PersunMall
sneakers/ Nike
headphones/ Skullcandy

So for those who actually remember me and the fact that I run this site full of vain self-portraits, here I am after quite a while with some gangstuh vibe poppin' in my joints. 
No I'm kidding, I'm actually the furthest thing you'll ever find from a hood rat... but with "I've got SWAG for days" splayed across my chest and a sick mix of Drake, Disclosure and Jay-Z blasting swag into my eardrums? It's close enough.


  1. You definitely got the swag here. Love the coat!

  2. dope coat ♥


  3. Just lovely!


  4. holy hell never seen a girl so fly

  5. lookin so cute in red shoes & red head phone.....(:

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  6. Love this look.you look great
    nice outfit girl

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Thanks for your comment, beautiful!