August 12, 2014



This page has been running on old fuel for quite a while now, but I'm not going to apologize and give the whole 'oh I'm such a bad blogger speech' for the reason that I am not just a 'blogger.' I am not just an internet existence; I have a life outside of this site, and life often gets in the way. 

I always had a lot of fun running Sidewalk Catwalks but in the last months it become more of a chore than pure joy, and so I decided to stop for a while. A lot of major life changes made me realize that I had no time and no motivation to run a website about what I'm wearing, when there were far more important things to focus ad dwell on. 

I miss my followers, I miss my online friends and I miss the excitement and adventures that every photoshoot would bring. 
Behind every photo hides a story (be it good or hilariously bad), and maybe I'll be back at it again soon!


  1. I totally understand your point, babe. I've had times when my blog felt more like a chore than my passion. I'm blogging about more than just what I'm wearing now and that helps ;)



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