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February 9, 2014

swag for days


coat/ thrifted 
t/shirt/ ASOS
leggings/ AmericanApparel
scarf/ H&M Men
backpack/ PersunMall
sneakers/ Nike
headphones/ Skullcandy

So for those who actually remember me and the fact that I run this site full of vain self-portraits, here I am after quite a while with some gangstuh vibe poppin' in my joints. 
No I'm kidding, I'm actually the furthest thing you'll ever find from a hood rat... but with "I've got SWAG for days" splayed across my chest and a sick mix of Drake, Disclosure and Jay-Z blasting swag into my eardrums? It's close enough.

January 13, 2013

blind'y and the beast

IMG_4852 copy2

coat/ thrifted
denim shirt/ vintage
jeans/ Forever21
heels + beanie/ H&M 
necklaces/ H&M + Cornwall Street
sunglasses/ FREYRS
bag/ Cambridge Satchel Company

Ah, what a familiar pant/ shoe combo. Like I've said before; I like to reuse things that I like and reinvent them. Not as in 'oh I'm such a genius and said reinvention is so difficult! *pushes genius glasses further up nose*' More along the lines of enjoying something the first time and bringing it back in a different way. Colder weather called for a beanie, a tailored woolen find and a bright as heck accessory to accentuate what is already bright as heck

January 1, 2012

sugarplum princess

H&M blazer + hat
dress from random shop in Malaysia 
American Apparel tights 
boots via Kohl's 

Starting off the second year in my blog's archive is an exciting thing which I'm surprisingly emotional about. 2011 was an amazing year - I traveled quite a bit, got my Macbook Pro & my DSLR, and started this blog, which has changed my life. That sounds overdramatic, but I love being able to document the things I love, and I love to share them with all of you. It's given me a whole new perspective on fashion and myself. 
And I shall end the emotional semi-inspirational droning with my attempts at jumping in the air like a little 5 year old with a big floppy hat. Fun times. 

December 24, 2011

don't let your soul get too cold

thrifted coat
H&M sweater 
Target skintight turtleneck 
American Apparel tights 
boots from Kohl's 

We're not going to have a white Christmas here in Austria, even though the ground is frozen solid. Kind of depressing, but the bright lights and recently-decorated Christmas tree cheer things up. What's everyone doing for Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day?
For the people who've been asking what photo equipment I use for my blog posts: my camera body is a Canon 60DI use a combination of the 50mm 1.8 prime lens (for outfit photos) and the 18-135mm zoom lens (for more travel-related photos). 

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